Tuesday, September 28, 2010

War Eagle, Hey!

I love Auburn football. Not in that crazy, infatuated, "I love you as long as you do what I want" sort of way. Rather, in the real sort of way that one loves family members: a love filled with pride and happiness when the Tigers play well and win, but also an unconditional love filled with concern when our team is having a rough time pulling things together and, forbid, lose.

Every season, though, I do wonder how our team will fare on the field. Will it be a break out year, like 2004, or will the Tigers be (painfully) rebuilding? Or will they position themselves somewhere in between?

Although the guys have had some erratic quarters of play, I am proud (and pleased) that they have reached down into themselves to win the four games they have played so far. Their performance in the South Carolina was spectacular. If only the three fumbled balls could have come back their way.

And need I spread praise for Cam Newton? Not that I am a fortune teller, but I told Dad after the game that, either by design or fate, Cam seems to be laying a foundation for a Heisman nomination. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw The Birmingham News' story Sunday morning on that very topic.

This week, Auburn cracked the AP Top Ten, at position 10.

As I had hoped, our players are maturing on the field each week. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of show they can give us in the coming weeks.

This young man sums up quite well how I feel about our Tigers right now:

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  1. Love the picture of Cameron! Talk about being proud of his Tigers. :0)