Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spirit and Support: Auburn Family, All In

"I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work." - from The Auburn Creed
This week's BCS ranking came out a few hours ago.  The commentators on ESPN were all agreed that Auburn should be #2 this week, given the performance of the Oregon Ducks yesterday against USC. A couple of the guys pointed out that Auburn's inconsistency in play has them doubting the overall quality of the Tigers and whether Auburn can win out in its remaining games.  They did point out though that Auburn is in control of its BCS destiny and if the Tigers continue to win, an invitation to the national championship game is ours.

When the official rankings were unveiled, Auburn had indeed slipped to #2.

The Tigers will need to get down to business again this week and continue their improvements ...
... I believe in work, hard work ...
... because the sports writers and coaches on other teams will not give Auburn anything they haven't fought for and deserve ...
... this is a practical world and I can count only on what I earn.
I imagine that Gene Chizik and the rest of the coaching staff are reminding the Tigers of these important points from The Auburn Creed.

I believe that the Tigers will continue their efforts and will do what it takes to win.

And we fans will continue to lift our Tigers with an outpouring of spirit and unwavering support.

We are Auburn Family and We are All In.

The Auburn Creed, Living: How One Man Lived the Creed

"I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all." - from The Auburn Creed

Rodney Scott
Ole Miss Rebels
A creed is a statement of belief  relating to how one should approach life.  But while The Auburn Creed is Auburn's creed, and Auburn men and Auburn women have found guidance in it for their lives since its writing by George Petrie in 1945, the principles it embodies are ones that we should hope all of our fellow men and women from all colleges, all walks of life, will embrace.

In 2009, a young man playing ball for the Ole Miss Rebels reflected very well The Auburn Creed's endorsement of sympathy for those around us and helpfulness to those in need.

Zac Etheridge
Auburn Tigers

Auburn Tigers Zac Etheridge and Antonio Coleman collided while attempting to tackle Rodney Scott, an Ole Miss running back.  In the moments after the collision, Etheridge lay motionless atop Scott.  Scott realized that something serious was wrong and lay patiently until medical staff could safely lift Etheridge away.  Later, the severity of Etheridge's condition was revealed - along with a realization of how catastrophic the result could have been if Scott had attempted to move Etheridge himself.

I - as does the Auburn Family as a whole, I am sure - commend Rodney Scott for his quick thinking and caring spirit, for his providing a fine example of The Auburn Creed's applicability to real life.

This video from ESPN is a touching account of the event that November day and the bond that has grown between Etheridge and Scott as a result of chance.

"Well, Rodney Scott ... he truly saved Zac Etheridge's life. So, they're connected.  I know Zac's playing for Auburn and I know that Rodney Scott's playing for the Ole Miss Rebels, but they're going to be tied together until the end of time." - Houston Nutt, Head Coach, Ole Miss Rebels

A Paw on the Media: Kickin' It!

While many of us, and probably most of us, were focused on the football squad's pending game against Ole Miss, Auburn women's soccer team clinched the SEC western division championship on Friday in a 2-1 overtime victory over Alabama. 


Ana Cate, Game-Winner

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Newtonian Physics

Auburn Fans Celebrate with Cam Newton
Victory equals one aggressive and talented quarterback on the field leading a strong offensive line plus a couple of excellent running backs plus wide receivers working magic with their hands plus a defense bottling up the opponent's own offense.

Or, more succinctly, victory = 51-31 over Ole Miss.

Terrell Zachary
It looks like the "trap game" was poorly baited ... or maybe the trap wasn't big enough to contain all of the talent and motivation on Auburn's side of the ball.
Onterio McCalebb, Truckin'
Source:  Associated Press
They naysayers who discounted the magic of the Auburn Tigers in the past few weeks are shown once more as underestimating the commitment that the players have to each other, to their alma, and to the game ... to stepping up and doing what must be done to win!

Can anyone think of a good reason why ESPN or any of the networks would not want to broadcast the Georgia game? Okay, Georgia has not had a stellar year, but so what? The Tiger's will make up for it!

Josh Bynes:  Over the Top!
Auburn is the Loveliest Village on the Plains ... and life is lovely on its gridiron.

War Eagle!

Cam Newton, Receiver: TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!
Source:  Associated Press

Monday, October 25, 2010

Photo Gallery: Rolling of Toomer's after Victory over LSU - October 23, 2010

Spending a little time with the Auburn Family after Auburn's 24-17 win over LSU ...

Filming for ESPNU's "Road Show" program.

It's great ... to be ... an Au-burn Ti-ger!

Don't miss the Blue Man just to the Orange Man's right!

The Auburn Tigers certainly had a spirit that wasn't afraid when LSU rolled into town!

This LSU fan looks like he's a good sport and appreciates the effort of his team despite the loss to Auburn.

Cam Newton has made a difference I can believe in!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Paw on the Media: "Auburn is the Right One"

Mark Schlabach at ESPN thinks that the BCS got the #1 ranking right this week.
"I know Oregon's high-scoring offense and fast athletes leave you shaking your head with amazement each and every week, but Auburn has accomplished more than any other team heading into the final month of the college football season."

Plains Simple: the Auburn Tigers at #1 in BCS Rankings

Auburn is ranked #1 in the BCS standings released today, a first for the Auburn program since the inception of the Bowl Championship Series!

I am very happy for ... and proud of ... the players and coaches of the 2010 Auburn Tigers! ... not to mention all of the players, coaches, and others in previous years who helped build great traditions in and around the football program at Auburn!

War Eagle!

A Paw on the Media: Tony Barnhart with Apologies to Oregon

Tony Barnhart of proclaims Auburn the best:
"I mean, seriously, what other conclusion could be drawn here in the cool of this early October evening in Alabama? It’s one thing to roll up 60 points on UCLA, as Oregon did so impressively on Thursday evening. But UCLA’s defense was ranked No. 65 out of 120 Division I-A teams. Its rushing defense was ranked No. 92.

"Auburn, conversely, faced the nation’s No. 6 defense against the run (83.6 ypg) and simply shredded it for 440 yards rushing and 526 total yards on the way to a 24-17 victory over previously undefeated LSU.

"... [I]f the team I saw on Saturday keeps showing up, and if Cameron Newton keeps this amazing string of performances going, I don’t see how you can bet against Auburn. This is the nation’s best team with the nation’s best player. They proved it again on Saturday."

A Paw on the Media: Video Highlights from LSU Game

In case you couldn't see the game ... and in case you haven't found these already ... has video highlights from the LSU game.

A Paw on the Media: Auburn #1 - Plains-ly Evident to One AP Voter

Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury-News voted Auburn #1 on his AP Top 25 ballot.  He provides a breakdown of his ballot with a brief explanation of his choices, including saying this about Auburn:
* Moved Auburn into the top spot after its victory over LSU and would have done it even if my sitting No. 1, Oklahoma, had beaten Missouri. (Losses by Air Force, Cincinnati and Texas greatly tarnished Oklahoma’s resume.)

I think Auburn is the easy pick for No. 1 at the moment based on quality victories: The Tigers have beaten five FBS teams with winning records (compared to one for Oregon, for instance).

A Paw on the Media: ESPNU Road Trip

Source:  Ed Packard

ESPNU's Road Trip was in Auburn yesterday.  I spoke with the host and a camera man.  The host said that footage from Toomer's Corner should be on the Road Trip episode to air on ESPNU this coming Wednesday. 

Video: Rolling Toomer's after the Victory over LSU!

Source:  Ed Packard

The bigger the win, the better the party at Toomer's Corner!

I shot these videos while savoring the victory with oh-so-many of my Auburn Family members!

Plains Perfect!

Source:  Mobile Press-Register
The Auburn Tigers are now 8-0 this season, with a 5-0 record in the SEC, after their spectacular win against LSU yesterday! reports this morning that Auburn has moved up to #3 in the Coaches poll!  What a ride this season has been ... so far!  And we still have four regular season games to go!

Source:  Mobile Press-Register

Wes Byrum became Auburn's leading scorer during the LSU game.  A field goal put him at 315 points in his four-year career.

The Birmingham News reports these other tidbits in its "Extra Points" in today's paper:
  • Auburn claimed another Top 10 win when it beat sixth-ranked LSU.  The Tigers have 16 wins over Top 10 teams since 2001.
  • Auburn is 8-0 for the eighth time in school history.
  • Auburn's 440 yards rushing were the most ever in an SEC game and the fifth most in school history.
  • The Tigers' 86 yards passing was the fewest in an SEC victory since beating Mississippi State 16-14 in 2001.
  • Cam Newton set an SEC record for the most rushing yards by a quarterback.  He has 1,077 in just eight games.  He broke the school record for a quarterback by passing Jimmy Sidle's 1,006 set in 1963. (According to CBS' in-game statistics, this is an SEC record as well.)
  • Newton has five of Auburn's Top 50 rushing games in history, though he's played in just eight games.
  • Newton's 14 rushing touchdowns are three shy of the school record.
  • Darvin Adams had three catches for 33 yards to move to 10th in all-time yardage for an Auburn receiver.  He has 1,467 yards.
 War Eagle!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ole Miss Game on Television

It looks like the media bandwagon continues to roll.  The SEC has announced that the Ole Miss game will be broadcast on ESPN2 at 6:00pm on October 30th.

As I've said before, I think someone will pick up the Georgia game.  If so, Auburn will be on TV for 11 of its 12 games. 

I can't imagine anyone picking up the Chattanooga game but who knows?  If the eagle keeps flying and the tiger keeps prowling, maybe someone will broadcast even that game.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Paw on the Media: The Greatest Show on Earth, Dirt or Turf

Kevin Scarbinsky has this column on Auburn's exciting win over Arkansas Saturday.  Says he:
"If everyone knows what your one-man band of an offense is going to do and he does it anyway, anything's possible.

"If your defense can surrender a jillion yards and a million points and never give up, anything's possible."

Source:  The Associated Press

And ...
"Chizik and his team are making themselves right at home out there. Ringling Brothers has got nothing on the Tigers. They're a high-wire act without a net. They're the greatest show on earth, dirt or turf.

Bend ... Bend ... Snap Back the Other Way

Source:  The Associated Press

In its game against Arkansas yesterday, Auburn put together its best four quarters of play of the season so far.  The Tiger defense was not as inspired as the offense - at least not until the 4th quarter - but everyone on the team did what it took to put another win in the books.

Auburn's and Arkansas' efforts made for one of the best games I've watched in a long time. I like watching solid game-playing by both teams in a game.  Match-ups where one team completely dominates the other aren't nearly as much fun. That they put up the most points (combined) of any SEC game without overtime testifies to just how much of a shootout this game was.  Even if Auburn had lost, I would have been proud of the Tigers' efforts and would still acknowledge that I watched an amazing game.

Source:  The Associated Press

Cam Newton continues to shine and is definitely doing the lion's share of the work on offense.  However, one cannot dismiss the efforts of other offensive players like Adams, Fannin, Dyer and Blake.

Source:  The Associated Press

Some Razorback fans are complaining about the controversial calls confirming a touchdown by Auburn and a fumble by Arkansas (see the fan comments here for a sampling).  Both cases were judgement calls and, unfortunately, there wasn't any clear evidence in-game that the calls were wrong.  If there had been, the calls would have been reversed.

Others might argue that Auburn may not have won if Arkansas had not turned over the ball three times in the 4th quarter.  My response:  games are decided by what happens on the field and what happens on the field reflects how well each team is taking care of business.  By turning over the ball three times, Arkansas did not take care of business.  By making the interceptions and recovering the fumble (and eventually scoring), Auburn did.

War Eagle!

Source:  The Associated Press

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Photo of the Day

Source:  Ed Packard

A Paw on the Media: The Eagles on Tour reports on Auburn's eagles visiting 500 fifth grade children in Escambia County.  The visit was part of  the Progressive Agriculture Safety Days program hosted at the Auburn Experiment Center in Brewton. 

The Southeastern Raptor Center at Auburn University put on the "Birds of Prey" show for the kids.  The show included owls, falcons and hawks along with the eagles Spirit and Nova.

Photo source:

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Paw on the Media: CBS Picks Up LSU Game

Just a day after announcing it would televise the Auburn-Arkansas game, CBS Sports announced today that it will also carry the LSU game on October 23rd at 2:30pm.

To the joy of those of us who can't make it to the stadium, this latest announcements puts Auburn on TV for at least 9 of its 12 regular season games.  (The 9th game, of course, being the Iron Bowl.)

I'm still expecting one of the networks to pick up the Georgia game, due to the intense rivalry between Auburn and Georgia -- even with Georgia not having as good a year as Auburn.

Beat Bama Food Drive

Image source:  Student Government Association, Auburn University

I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all.

The annual Beat Bama Food Drive kicks off today!  The event is a friendly competition between Auburn University, the University of Alabama, and the East Alabama and West Alabama Food Banks.  At Auburn, the event is sponsored by the Student Government Association; at Alabama, by the Community Service Center.

The Beat Bama Food Drive reports the present need and distribution of the food collected:

  • 1 in 5 food pantries in America are having to turn the hungry away due to a lack of supplies
  • Demand for food is up 27% and donations are down 50%
  • Alabama's state funding cuts will cause more people to depend on donated food
  • The approaching holiday season adds to the urgency of this need
  • Donated food is channeled to:
    • emergency food pantries
    • welfare to Work Families
    • the homeless
    • the mentally ill
    • disaster victims
    • mission and rehab centers
    • low income day care and Senior centers

Auburn has won 9 of the past 14 food drives.  However, Alabama has won the last 3, with Auburn's last victory in 2006.

The winner of the drive will be announced at the Iron Bowl game.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Paw on the Media: CBS Picks Up Arkansas Game

Auburn University announced today that CBS will broadcast the Auburn-Arkansas game on October 16th.  The game will be the first carried by CBS this year but marks the 7th appearance of the Tigers on television this season. 

Auburn is slated for at least one more television appearance:  the Iron Bowl.  However, I suspect the LSU will be televised ... and perhaps the Georgia game due claim as the South's longest running rivalry.

This coming Saturday will mark the first time that both Auburn and Arkansas are ranked nationally going into the game.  Auburn is ranked #7 in this week's AP and USA Today polls.  Arkansas is ranked #12 in the AP poll and #13 in the USA Today poll.

A Paw on the Media: Football Rankings, Week 7

After the Tigers win against Kentucky yesterday, Auburn has moved up to #7 in both the AP and USA Today football polls.

Once again, Auburn's performance was mixed - at times showing great skill and talent, at others letting Kentucky have its way. I still believe the players are improving each week although they obviously have need some fine-tuning and a little work on the basics.

Although it's human nature to want our team to go out and subject every team we play to a beatdown, I'll take a close, messy, or even ugly win instead of a loss every time!

War Eagle!