Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Auburn Creed, Living: How One Man Lived the Creed

"I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all." - from The Auburn Creed

Rodney Scott
Ole Miss Rebels
A creed is a statement of belief  relating to how one should approach life.  But while The Auburn Creed is Auburn's creed, and Auburn men and Auburn women have found guidance in it for their lives since its writing by George Petrie in 1945, the principles it embodies are ones that we should hope all of our fellow men and women from all colleges, all walks of life, will embrace.

In 2009, a young man playing ball for the Ole Miss Rebels reflected very well The Auburn Creed's endorsement of sympathy for those around us and helpfulness to those in need.

Zac Etheridge
Auburn Tigers

Auburn Tigers Zac Etheridge and Antonio Coleman collided while attempting to tackle Rodney Scott, an Ole Miss running back.  In the moments after the collision, Etheridge lay motionless atop Scott.  Scott realized that something serious was wrong and lay patiently until medical staff could safely lift Etheridge away.  Later, the severity of Etheridge's condition was revealed - along with a realization of how catastrophic the result could have been if Scott had attempted to move Etheridge himself.

I - as does the Auburn Family as a whole, I am sure - commend Rodney Scott for his quick thinking and caring spirit, for his providing a fine example of The Auburn Creed's applicability to real life.

This video from ESPN is a touching account of the event that November day and the bond that has grown between Etheridge and Scott as a result of chance.

"Well, Rodney Scott ... he truly saved Zac Etheridge's life. So, they're connected.  I know Zac's playing for Auburn and I know that Rodney Scott's playing for the Ole Miss Rebels, but they're going to be tied together until the end of time." - Houston Nutt, Head Coach, Ole Miss Rebels

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