Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bend ... Bend ... Snap Back the Other Way

Source:  The Associated Press

In its game against Arkansas yesterday, Auburn put together its best four quarters of play of the season so far.  The Tiger defense was not as inspired as the offense - at least not until the 4th quarter - but everyone on the team did what it took to put another win in the books.

Auburn's and Arkansas' efforts made for one of the best games I've watched in a long time. I like watching solid game-playing by both teams in a game.  Match-ups where one team completely dominates the other aren't nearly as much fun. That they put up the most points (combined) of any SEC game without overtime testifies to just how much of a shootout this game was.  Even if Auburn had lost, I would have been proud of the Tigers' efforts and would still acknowledge that I watched an amazing game.

Source:  The Associated Press

Cam Newton continues to shine and is definitely doing the lion's share of the work on offense.  However, one cannot dismiss the efforts of other offensive players like Adams, Fannin, Dyer and Blake.

Source:  The Associated Press

Some Razorback fans are complaining about the controversial calls confirming a touchdown by Auburn and a fumble by Arkansas (see the fan comments here for a sampling).  Both cases were judgement calls and, unfortunately, there wasn't any clear evidence in-game that the calls were wrong.  If there had been, the calls would have been reversed.

Others might argue that Auburn may not have won if Arkansas had not turned over the ball three times in the 4th quarter.  My response:  games are decided by what happens on the field and what happens on the field reflects how well each team is taking care of business.  By turning over the ball three times, Arkansas did not take care of business.  By making the interceptions and recovering the fumble (and eventually scoring), Auburn did.

War Eagle!

Source:  The Associated Press

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