Sunday, October 10, 2010

James E. Foy, Remembered

James E. Foy and Katherine C. Cater, 1967
Source:  Auburn University 

James E. Foy, long-time dean of student affairs at Auburn, passed away Friday (October 8) at the age of 93.

A graduate of the University of Alabama, Foy went on to serve in the U.S. Navy (he joined on the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor).  Later, he was employed in Auburn's office of student affairs in 1950 and eventually became director and dean.  He retired from the university in 1978.

Foy maintained a presence on the Auburn campus long after his retirement.  He was a cheerleader before game days, regularly visiting campus on Fridays to motivate the students before football games.  He also participated at various campus functions by speaking and helping to raise funds.

Foy's service to Auburn and, especially, Auburn students was honored when the university named the student union at the time after him.  Unfortunately, the university chose to not carry that name over to the new student center when it was opened.  However, the information desk in the new student center was named in honor of Foy.

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