Saturday, October 30, 2010

Newtonian Physics

Auburn Fans Celebrate with Cam Newton
Victory equals one aggressive and talented quarterback on the field leading a strong offensive line plus a couple of excellent running backs plus wide receivers working magic with their hands plus a defense bottling up the opponent's own offense.

Or, more succinctly, victory = 51-31 over Ole Miss.

Terrell Zachary
It looks like the "trap game" was poorly baited ... or maybe the trap wasn't big enough to contain all of the talent and motivation on Auburn's side of the ball.
Onterio McCalebb, Truckin'
Source:  Associated Press
They naysayers who discounted the magic of the Auburn Tigers in the past few weeks are shown once more as underestimating the commitment that the players have to each other, to their alma, and to the game ... to stepping up and doing what must be done to win!

Can anyone think of a good reason why ESPN or any of the networks would not want to broadcast the Georgia game? Okay, Georgia has not had a stellar year, but so what? The Tiger's will make up for it!

Josh Bynes:  Over the Top!
Auburn is the Loveliest Village on the Plains ... and life is lovely on its gridiron.

War Eagle!

Cam Newton, Receiver: TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!
Source:  Associated Press

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