Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh, yes they call him the ...

A friend of mine - a librarian at a major university out west - asked if I was going to post anything about Auburn's library, given that I worked there for several years while I was an undergrad. I love Ralph Brown Draughon Library and enjoyed working there, so I assured her that I would indeed write something about it.

For today, I'll share a story that was passed on to me by one of the full-time staff members.

First, some background as a reminder for some and, for others, an explanation of how the library was configured back then. When entering RBD through its main entrance (which faces in the direction of Haley Center), one would go through two sets of glass doors. Inside, to the right, was the main circulation desk. Just past the main circulation desk on the right was the card catalog room which was separated from the main lobby by a glass wall. At one time, the entrance to the card catalog room had glass doors as well.

In the early 70s, streaking was a fad that made its way to Auburn. One day, a streaker ran into RBD. As he went around the circulation desk, he did not notice the glass wall or doors and ran into them. Best I can recall, he knocked himself out.

I can imagine what a scene that was ... the quiet of the library broken by a nude man running around who then thwarts his own escape and perhaps even needed medical attention!

And people say Auburn is a conservative school.

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