Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Paw on the Media: Tony Barnhart with Apologies to Oregon

Tony Barnhart of proclaims Auburn the best:
"I mean, seriously, what other conclusion could be drawn here in the cool of this early October evening in Alabama? It’s one thing to roll up 60 points on UCLA, as Oregon did so impressively on Thursday evening. But UCLA’s defense was ranked No. 65 out of 120 Division I-A teams. Its rushing defense was ranked No. 92.

"Auburn, conversely, faced the nation’s No. 6 defense against the run (83.6 ypg) and simply shredded it for 440 yards rushing and 526 total yards on the way to a 24-17 victory over previously undefeated LSU.

"... [I]f the team I saw on Saturday keeps showing up, and if Cameron Newton keeps this amazing string of performances going, I don’t see how you can bet against Auburn. This is the nation’s best team with the nation’s best player. They proved it again on Saturday."

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