Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Auburn Tigers - 2010 National Champions!

The sign I created for my trip to Toomer's Corner to celebrate with my Auburn Family!

Congratulations to the Auburn Tigers for securing the National Championship this year! 

The BCS National Championship game was fun to watch, even if it did have me on the edge of my seat most of the night and more nervous than I would have liked!  The Oregon Ducks played well and have my respect!  I am glad they made our Tigers earn the win; it is that much more satisfying!

I don't have any profound words to share about the win.  I am just extremely proud of what the players and coaches have been able to do this season.  I congratulate them for their commitment to the game ... and to Auburn!

As for me, although I can type what I think are the right words, and I have made my pilgrimage to Toomer's Corner tonight, the reality has not yet really sunk in yet. 

I've looked forward to the day when my Tigers - our Tigers! - would bring home Auburn's second national championship ... and our first BCS championship.  When the season began, I had no idea this would be our year.

As each week passed, I stood in amazement at what the coaches and players were piecing together - an undefeated season built on a foundation of skilled playing, skilled coaching, and incredible resiliency. 

And now here we are, 14 games later, right where every college football teams (and their fans!) hopes to be!

Congratulations, again, to the Tigers, for such an inspiring, fun ride. 

War Eagle!

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